Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a way of accessing spiritual guidance that dates back tens of thousands of years. It is practiced all over the world…The only doctrine of shamanism is that this work be used to benefit all life and for the purpose of healing. -Sandra Ingerman, Welcome Home

The practice of shamanic healing involves making a commitment to become more authentic and integrated with yourself, others, spirit and nature. We all have the capacity to self heal and shamanic healing helps you to bring forth that which is in shadow into the light of awareness, for the purpose of transformation and healing. As a Shamanic practitioner, I work on behalf of the client using a variety of techniques to remove blocks and life obstacles at source, thereby restoring harmony in the body, mind, spirit and the human energy field.

A Shamanic Healing can help you:

  • Feel more present and increase your vitality
  • Improve your ability to respond to life instead of react
  • Deal in an empowered way with grief, anger and fear
  • Regain clarity, passion and soul-purpose in life
  • Release limiting blocks, emotions, patterns, and belief systems and move through past issues that one could not previously move past
  • Awaken self-love, self-responsibility, inner-freedom, understanding and acceptance
  • Bring freedom, empowerment, joy and fulfillment to your life
  • Find the energy to make new choices and decisions in their lives, to overcome restricting fears, patterns and habits
  • To deepen one’s spiritual experience in life
  • Unravel ancestral imprints which is often hinted at when we say “something runs in the family”
  • Manage change, trauma, and transition
  • Manage chronic pain – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual
  • When you feel you have you been trying to achieve something but feels as if you are being blocked in some way? e.g. becoming pregnant, finding a new home etc…
  • When you feel something is just not right, yet can’t put your finger on it
  • Learn to enjoy yourself, others and life in general
  • Reclaim your power with enhanced depth of insight and appreciation of oneself
  • and much more…

Spiritual and Grounded Support

For me Shamanic Healing, is spiritual yet grounded work and also practical in that an important component of the sessions are exploring what you can do or what changes you are willing to make in your life, to integrate the healing you have received. Integration, to me, means fully absorbing the healing, the wisdom, the knowledge, the light and all the gifts we receive during our work.

This is the work that is usually suggested by me at the end of the session but will also come from your insights during the session too.

When one rushes or competes to learn something, it often does not get fully integrated. So integration gives you time to digest, process and allow your emotional being to adjust before you take the next step forward. It is as important as the actual healing session itself.

The task is not to search for meaning, but to bring meaning to every situation you are in

Alberto Villoldo

Shamanic Healing Techniques

Shamanic Healing requires that you be ready and willing to heal. It is powerful and magical; the most ancient, time tested, healing practice on earth.

Shamanism is thousands of years old, some say 40-70,000 years old, some say older, but it certainly is the oldest recorded form of spiritual practice. It was, and still is for many, the primary spiritual practices for indigenous cultures around the world. Shamanism is not a religion and one can use the practices without being in conflict with other spiritual paths. At the root of Shamanism is personal empowerment. It provides various tools with which we can come to acquire trust in our own ability to find wisdom within.

There are five main techniques of shamanic healing that can be done, these are commonly known Imbas, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Psychopomp and Death Rites. In a shamanic healing session one or several of these powerful and effective healing methods maybe performed to support you.


Imbas is also known as divine inspiration or illumination, which facilitates the release of stagnant energy through the chakra points to allow the aura (LEM) in the body, to be balanced and to flow freely. In simple terms, it cleanses your chakras of stuck energy and allows light to fill your luminous body.

It is the foundation of all healing sessions. The luminous body contains imbalances that can affect the chakras with heavy energy. Over time these imbalances can cause disease in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. During the Illumination process, we work with breath and intent to remove heavy energy from the chakra and then we overwrite the imbalance with light.

When the imbalance is erased in this way, you are no longer informed by the past.

Imbas Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Healing Extraction


Works in the human energy body: removing intrusions and energy that is in the wrong place, in order to restore harmony. Sometimes we can have energy in or around us that does not belong to us which can lead to dis-ease or dis-harmony within us. Just like a spider in the bath there is nothing intrinsically bad about this energy, it is just in the wrong place. In essence it is a clearing of the client’s energetic field to allow space for the further work to restore realignment with harmony. Extraction is usually the starting point for every client in a sense that it create more space, as energy that is no longer condusive to us is release thereby create ‘space’ for our energy field to be further illuminated.

Intrusions and energy that is in the wrong place is of no use to us, it is energy we cannot use or enjoy – so it becomes ‘spiritual baggage’ and ‘weighs us down’.

Soul Retrieval

Is about retrieving vital essence or “soul parts” that left at times of trauma in a person’s life. The return of those soul parts gives people access to the talents, gifts and energy that were their birthright. When “all of you is here” you are more able to deal with the challenges and opportunities in your life.

Through shock or trauma a part of our life force, ‘soul’ or ‘essence/energy’ can leave our body and thus deprive us of our full power. It is called disassociation in psychotherapy. Soul-loss can be seen as a built-in survival mechanism; the human psyche will fragment when it perceives itself to be in danger of harm, part of our essence will leave the body in order to go somewhere ‘safe’. The body will survive without this part and if we are lucky the part will quickly return and all will be well. If the trauma is too big, or we do not know how to call ourselves back then we are left open to dis-ease and dis-harmony which can eventually become physical illness. The first signs are often felt as loss of connection to one’s surroundings. Soon it becomes a feeling of loss of connection with one’s self, the inability to function as we once did. Feeling empty, feel ‘as if you are not all there’, feeling numb, lack of motivation, memory loss, anxiety, depression, difficulty in recovering from a loss, addictive behaviour; all these and more are signs that we are not at full power. It’s important to know that what causes soul loss in one person, may not cause soul loss in another – we are each unique in how we respond to life’s challenges.

As a Shamanic Healer, we journey to find the parts of the soul that have split during a crisis in the individual’s life. The fragment that is brought back through the journey of ‘soul retrieving’ is of a transpersonal nature. It is not the wound that we bring back, it is the part that had to go into hiding in order to survive i.e. the pure energy of an aspect of your soul essence (this does not return any of the original trauma but instead brings wholeness and relief). This may be from the client’s current or past life. With the retrieval of these ‘lost parts’ the gifts of creativity, joy, enthusiasm, optimism and faith among many other previously inaccessible qualities may be reinstated. Soul Retrieval is a deep and life enhancing experience which brings us back to full power. Many clients feel empowered, balanced, more present, a stronger sense of self and an answer to the question ‘who am I?’ as they are restored to their full potential. Each experience is personal and unique to the client.

Shamanic Healing Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Healing Psychopomp


One of the distinguishing features of shamanism is that shamans not only help the living, but also the dying and the deceased.

Psychopomp work assists the release of the soul/spirit of someone who has died to completion and freedom. When a Spirit goes to the Light, it is said that their Soul is at peace. Psychopomp is the process and the individual that is able to bring a soul to peace by assisting them to cross into the Light, go to Heaven, or rejoin Universal Source. This may occur years after their actual death as sometimes, those in Spirit need help to move from one world to the other. There are many reasons why an individual’s spirit – disbelief, worry, trauma, hesitation, skepticism, and concerns. Sometimes, they need the help of someone that can hold their hand and walk them through the process, releasing worry, removing fear, addressing concern, and answering questions.

Death Rites

Are given to the person who is departing, to assist them with the release of their soul with serenity and consciousness in a gently and meaningful way. These are very sacred and privileged techniques to do for clients and their families and loved ones. A shaman can be called in by family members to ensure and assist their loved ones in crossing over during the dying process or shortly after death.

One of the greatest gifts we can give our loved ones is support as they complete this lifetime and cross over to the other side. Besides our presence and our prayers, we can also offer them death rites which help clear out their chakras so they can leave the body easily. Usually crossing over takes place naturally with no problems. Every once in a while a loved one can need help fully leaving the body and finding the way to the guides that will help them into the light.

Shamanic Healing Death Rites


Huge thanks for the shamanic healing. I’m feeling great really. I feel very positive and sense a really huge shift so am taking things easy and not trying too much. More than anything, I really felt the talk helped clarify so much. I believe if I can work through the heavy energy that there will be clarity about everything else. When I left you I saw light everywhere, my attention was drawn to trees with lights and all manner of lights on the way home so I took it as a sign I am on the right path! I’m so grateful for your abilities, your time, authenticity and care.


Before the shamanic healing session I felt stuck and wasn’t sure what was holding me back. Sometimes it felt like it wasn’t even me holding me back but something else, perhaps other people’s expectations or even what they felt towards me. I didn’t feel entirely in control of my path and was scared to take action. I now feel more confident to put myself out there, have made new contacts and am able to move forward and take action. Roseleen is assured, comforting and you feel safe in her hands. I always feel like she has my best interests at heart and that helps me to open up to the changes that come my way.

Before going to Roseleen my life was out of control. I was very unhappy, stressed and struggled with many aspects of daily life as my mind was cluttered and I kept repeating the same mistakes over and over again. My life has changed completely since the shamanic healing sessions and I do not even recognise the “old”me. I have a direction, purpose and am more focused. I went with what I thought was a singular problem but realised so much more about my life. The best part was walking out the door with a renewed energy and determination and most importantly a new outlook on life. I was skeptical at first but Roseleen has helped me turn my life around. I am stress free, confident and most important of all, I’m happy again for the first time in a long while.

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