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Are you ready to tap into your inner wisdom and let yourself blossom?

Teaching is what I love to do. For me teaching is about providing you with a space where you get to be curious and explore your inner world as much as you do your outer world. It’s about giving you a space to play, learn and heal at your own pace through themes that I have found deeply inspiring and supportive through my journey.

These offerings are self paced so you get to move through the information in your own time and to come back to them to go deeper into the teachings and your experience at anytime.

Not everyone absorbs information in the same way – you might be more visual, aural, verbal or kinesthetic in your learning preference. So I use a combination of visual information with worksheets, audio recordings and videos so you can have an opportunity to embody the concepts I teach in the classes.

Celtic Wisdom & Wheel of the Year

Let the Seasons be your guide

Attune to your inner nature is a journey through the 8 turning points of the wheel of the year. It’s an invitation into the quiet knowing space in your heart that offers wisdom and calm.

On each turning of the season you receive an email from me containing a short essay on the day’s theme, a downloadable MP3 audio (alternating meditations and visualisations) and a series of powerful journal prompts to work on.

Every turning point on the wheel of the year builds on the last, so that by the end of our 8 points together you’ve created your own wheel of the year practice you can build on going forward. Tuning into our natural rhythms open us up to move energy, freedom, still as well as creativity and activity!

The Thirsty Soul

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