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Activate & Illuminate

Your Inner Landscape

A specially crafted 6 week LIVE journey into your inner landscape designed to soften the nervous system and activate your inner wisdom and expression in the world. Blending Breathwork & Reiki so you shift on an energetic level and not just intellectually – embodied and transformational healing. Along with Live Calls, Breathwork & Reiki you will receive worksheets, meditations and access to a group portal to compliment the work we do individually and collectively.

Enrollment Opening in July

Reiki Deep Dives

Exploring the Depth of Reiki

Various masterclasses to experience reiki as a spiritual practice. Learn Traditional Japanese Practices – Meditations, Chanting, Symbols, Reju, Theory & much more to enhance your direct experience and understanding of reiki. These carefully curated classes will offer you the skills & practice to become a stronger practitioner (personally and professionally). The reiki meditations & practices will guide you further in your healing journey and to your True Self.

Enrollment opening May

Practice: The Heart of Reiki

Enrich & Enliven Your Reiki Self Practice.

A specially crafted 21 Day online LIVE programme to help you reconnect with and refresh your daily reiki self practice in less than 20 minutes per day.

Enrollment Opens Once A Year  – The Next Date Will Be Autumn 2020. Join Waitlist.

Let the Seasons Be Your Guide

Attune to your inner nature is a journey through the 8 turning points of the wheel of the year. It’s an invitation into the quiet knowing space in your heart that offers wisdom and calm.

Every turning point on the wheel of the year builds on the last, so that by the end of our 8 points together you’ve created your own wheel of the year practice you can build on going forward. Tuning into our natural rhythms open us up to move energy, freedom, still as well as creativity and activity!

The Thirsty Soul

Roseleen McNally

55 Rock Road,
Co. Dublin

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