The Seasons of the Soul

Let the Seasons be Your Guide

Attune to your Inner Nature through the Celtic Wheel of the Year

Life is busy. We run from one thing to the next. We feel rushed and disconnected from ourselves and the world around us.

When we begin to align to the turning of the seasons through the wheel of the year, a whole different way of looking at the cycle of life opens to us.

We begin to see that although we feel we are ‘expected’ to be ON all the time, this is not our natural state – we ebb and flow just like nature. We are cyclic beings. There is time to be in action and there is time to rest & receive.

We can learn to work with these seasons and flows of life rather than pushing against or rushing through them. When we surrender, we can trust the movement between active and receptive, creative and still, light and dark, inhale and exhale. We learn that no matter what challenge we are facing it’s not permanent.

If you turn to nature, you see that after winter must come spring, after a new moon must come a full moon… this happens in it’s own time. You can’t force a flower to grow and bloom so why do we force ourselves?

Each turning point offers us an opportunity to come into attunement (harmony) with certain energies, archtypes and themes. There is much to learn when we truly listen and feel into these themes.

When we turn to nature, we have an infinite intelligence guiding us. We are reflected in it, just as much as it reflects to us.

All we have to do is be open and curious.

Create space in your life and in your heart for connection


How it works

Attune to your inner nature is a journey into the quiet space in your heart and nature that offers nurtance, wisdom and soul medicine.

At each turning point, you’ll receive an email from me containing information on the season’s theme, help you integrate the energy and make the most of the turning point of the season cycle, a downloadable MP3 audio (alternating meditations, visualisations and mindfulness exercises) and a series of powerful journal prompts to work on as well as altar suggestions and rituals.

Each point of the wheel will build on the last, so that by the end of our journey together you’ll have created your own practice you can build on going forward.





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