Reiki Self Healing Practice – Due Aug 2019


Reiki Self Healing Practice is for anyone who wants to practice their reiki self treatment though a guided hands on healing. This meditation will take you on a journey of lovingly supporting and nourishing your body, mind and spirit. 



I was guided to create this process after years of my reiki students asking me to create something that would support their regular self healing practice. The more you use these meditations the more you are supporting your system to come into balance and harmony through the act of laying your hands on yourself. As you know from your reiki training when done on a regular basis your self-reiki will bring you home to your true self and allow you to reconnect to your innate power.

1. Reiki Self Practice 1: A guided practice through the 7 energy centres of the chakras with some space to quietly lay your hands on your body (25mins)
2. Reiki Self Practice 2: A shorter guided practice through the body (18mins)
3. Reiki Self Practice 3: Music with a signal to move to the next position for those days when you just want silence in your practice.(45mins)

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Please note :
After purchase you will need to download this audio file to a computer. Not a smart phone or tablet as if you try and do that on your device it will only play the file, NOT save it. Once you have saved the file to your computer you can then easily transfer it to whatever device you wish to use it on.
:  minutes
Level of Experience: Suitable for anyone, all ages. From newbie, never meditated to experienced meditators.
Recommended Use: As often as you like, This is a beautiful practice you can do daily.
Please note: This meditation is for those who are already attuned to any level of Reiki. This does not substitute for a reiki attunement. If you are not attuned to reiki, I have created other meditations that can benefit you.


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