Women’s Sacred Circle @ Yogaloft, Meath


These women’s sacred circles were created to provide you with a powerful gathering of supportive, like-minded women as we explore what it means to be a women.

Each month we explore different themes aligning with the season and Celtic feminine archetypes. These events help you access your inner wisdom and gain the insights and inspiration you need to hold a heart warming vision for your life. They are a space for holding each other, witnessing each other, hearing each other’s stories as we let them go, and seeing each others’ visions as we call them in.


Sacred Circles – A Gathering of Women

Are you experiencing a deep soul stirring? A calling to reclaim you power and realise you fullest potential?

As women, we are individually being guided to release what no longer serves us, heal old wounds and step into greater alignment with our own unique truth. We are learning to rise from within.

There is deep medicine and healing in the women’s sacred circle as we re-imagine our rites of passage e.g. maiden rites, mother rites, crone rites. We are gifted the opportunity to re-write how these events affected us as women. We can come into right relationship with ourselves, our relationships and our life. We can blossom into the strong and powerful women we are, our birthright.

Time: 7.30-9.30 – please arrive from 7.15pm as we will start promptly at 7.30pm

Location: Yogaloft Meath, Unit 6 Mullaghboy Industrial Estate, Navan C15 TV02

Investment: €25


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