Reiki Play Day

Recharge & Refresh Your Practice

Sat, August 18th 10.30am to 5pm

Blackrock Village, Co. Dublin

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Reiki Play Day

Sat, August 18th

10am – 5pm

Blackrock Village, Co. Dublin


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Connect deeper to your spiritual energy (your inner Reiki) and bring the teachings of Reiki into your Heart and Soul

Do you want to deepen your Reiki practice?

Would you like to increase your self-care, self-compassion and self-awareness?

Would you like to expand on the spiritual growth your Reiki practice offers?

Maybe you’ve taken a Reiki class and felt the effects of this simple and powerful practice but you’ve fallen away from it.

Maybe you’re confidence in your reiki self practice has dropped

Maybe you practice Reiki and you want to take it beyond what you currently know and experience.

Maybe you’re a Reiki professional looking to expand your practice so you can better support yourself and your clients.

Maybe you would like to delve into the Japanese reiki practices and meditations

Maybe you’d like to make Reiki an integral part of your everyday life.

Whatever your reason, this Reiki Play Day has been created to support you and your reiki practice as well as your personal development.

Reiki as a spiritual practice is about discovering who you are and how you relate to the world and how the world relates to you. It is about finding and experiencing your true nature; awakening and nourishing your inner bright light.


This day of reiki is not about more ‘powerful’ techniques, it is about developing your Reiki practice so you can reap the true benefits — for yourself, your family and your clients.

We will explore reiki practices through a Japanese perspective which opens the doorway to experiencing and understanding what ‘being’ reiki means.

There is also the opportunity to bring your reiki questions (personal / professional) so you can receive guidance. Often, it’s only when you go home after a course that you find you have questions about self practice, spiritual growth and healing, treating others, reiki as a profession etc. So time will be dedicated to this.

What You Will Practice & Experience


Receive a reiki reju



Practice Japanese Meditation to Support Your Reiki Practice



The 3 Diamonds of Reiki: Exploration, Practice & Meditation



Reiki Precepts: Meditation on the Precepts



Self Practice as this is the key to deepening our reiki practice



Give and receive a reiki treatment



Bring your questions and receive some answers. Receive focused guidance for your questions



Bringing Reiki into all areas of your life


Along with a day of reiki theory and hands on practice to deepen your relationship with reiki, you will leave with:

Notes on the Practices


Guided Reiki Self Practice MP3 for use at home


Cert of Attendance for CPD


Reiki Level 1 is an invitation to come back into touch with the true essence of who you are

Experience the feeling of your true self beneath all the ‘stuff’ in our lives – feel peace, calm, compassion, silence, stillness and happiness come from within through reiki.

Learn to embody the Reiki Precepts in your daily life so you experience less worry, less anger, more gratitude and more compassion for yourself and others. Have your own personal experience of Reiki and be open to receiving the healing that is here for you in a supported and safe space.

After reiki level 1 you’ll have the ability to give yourself a Reiki session every day, contributing to your own healing. You’ll also be able to use Reiki to treat family & friends and pets.

Your own personal and unique experience of reiki is what matters most.

The two days are tailored to the energy of the group and there is plenty of time for discussion or questions as they arise.

We start practicing reiki straight after the attunement so you have plenty of time to experience reiki during the course so your confidence and practice can grow over the weekend.

Reiki. Calms the mind. Empowers the soul. Fills the heart with compassion ~ James Deacon

What are the benefits in learning Reiki?

It connects you with your own innate self healing ability.

The most beautiful thing is it helps you in being more of ‘you’ i.e. you feel more like yourself.

An empowering way to take care of yourself, enabling you to connect with your inner wisdom and find true health.

Supports you to become more grounded and centred so you can learn to ride the ‘waves’ of life in a different way and trust life.

If you are sensitive person (empathetic) reiki can support you in managing your own energy levels rather than feeling drained, ‘like a sponge’ or overwhelmed by all that is going on within them and in their outer world. It’s like a salve for your sensitive nervous system!

Your daily self practice helps to feel calmer, more aligned, balanced, connected and practice self love. Reiki meets you exactly where you are at, and opens the doorway to the support you most need at that time.

You’ll have this healing practice for the rest of your life and Reiki can become a significant source of inner support in your daily life. The magic is the more you use it, the stronger it is – just like any muscle you exercise!

Supports you to be more present and therefore let go of worries and invites in calmness and peace.

Can help you to develop more compassion to yourself and others as you open your heart to the world around you

Guides you to recognise fear for what it is, listen to it’s wisdom and your inner guidance so you can move through it with strength.

Everyone is intuitive; reiki helps you to awaken and strengthen your own intuition so you can make decisions and choices that are more aligned with your truth, your life and your purpose.

Helps you to sleep better and feel more at peace.

Here’s what some of my students have to say

Like many I was finding it difficult to cope with the challenges life throws at us and wanted something more than meditation to help me relax and hopefully the ability to able to heal myself. Reiki has been absolutely amazing in allowing me to sit and connect with myself on a whole new level. Roseleen is a great teacher and very down to earth and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to explore or expand on their spiritual journey.



Roseleen is an excellent teacher. She is really grounded and really cares about reiki. I really enjoyed her down to earthness as I was worried it would all be a bit out of my reach. In the warm, friendly atmosphere we were all given the opportunity to develop at our own pace and the freedom to experience the magic of energy in our own way. This is a fantastic workshop suitable for anyone interested in Reiki or in simply getting to know themselves better.



Roseleen is an experienced and caring teacher who led a thoughtful, practical introduction to reiki. the workshop was very well-organized and especially welcoming for beginners. the information and support provided before and after the weekend were added bonuses. anyone looking to explore energy work would benefit from studying with roseleen



Upcoming Reiki Day


Sat, 18th August 2018



10am – 5pm


Deposit €35| Full Payment €75



7 Carysfort Avenue (2nd Floor), Blackrock Village, Co. Dublin.

Upcoming Reiki Day

Date: Sat, 18th August 2018

Time: 10am – 5pm

Investment: Deposit €30 | Full Payment €75

Venue: 7 Carysfort Avenue (2nd Floor) Blackrock Village, Co. Dublin

Is this Reiki day for you?

Simply, yes –  if you’ve trained in reiki this day is for you.  This course is open to anyone from any level or lineage of reiki. You do not need to have trained with me in order to attend.

Everyone is welcome – just an open and inquiring mind is all that is required!

Having trained in Reiki you know the beauty of it. This day is an opportunity for you to experience once again the beauty and power of reiki for yourself. To experience healing for yourself. This day is perfect for people who are wishing to support themselves through life, to manage transitions and who are interested in stress management, self healing and personal growth, with the added benefit of leaning how to channel healing energy to help others, too.

All of my classes are designed so that anyone can benefit from the material presented. The class material is helpful for reiki professionals  and “regular people” who wish to use Reiki for spiritual growth, or to help family, friends and for the student’s self-healing.

I have done Level 1 before but I am feeling like I would like to repeat it with you, can I do that?

Of course you can! You can attend the 2 day course at the refresher rate. No two reiki teachers are the same, even if they come from the same lineage as every teacher will teach Reiki based on their own personal experience so there is always benefit from learning from different teachers and lineages. There are many reasons why students come and repeat reiki level 1. I often have students coming to repeat that have either trained under another lineage or have done the training years ago and are wanting a refresh. Then there are those who are maybe interested in teaching reiki and would like the experience of seeing how others teach.  You are not being ‘re-attuned’ as you always have reiki within you but the initiation attunement will give you a consciousness boost where ever you are at, so it will only build on your existing foundation.

The more balanced and grounded you become, the easier it is to share that space of balance and peace with others


Your Reiki Teacher, Roseleen McNally

I have been teaching reiki since 2009 and my love affair with it began way before then. No matter what else I have trained in, I always come back to the beauty and simplicity in Reiki.

I am trained in both the Western and Japanese teachings which both originate from Mikao Usui.

Having studied from two lineages – Usui Shiki Ryoho & Usui Reiki Ryoho provides me with a broad, balanced and authentic view of the system of Reiki

I continue to deepen my knowledge, understanding and experience through additional Reiki trainings which I love to share with my students once I’ve integrated the teachings for myself.

My teaching is grounded, practical with plenty of emphasis on theory and developing your own personal practical experience.

Reiki continues to guide and teach me even after all these years as there is always the potential to go deeper into the teachings and practices of reiki.

I hope to create a space for you to truly experience the healing and spiritual growth reiki can offer you.

Reiki Level 1 with The Thirsty Soul

Book Your Place

I invite you to reserve your spot at your earliest convenience as space is limited.

You can pay the deposit of €30 to secure your place via paypal on the button below.

The Early Bird rate is available until the 2nd August.

Send cheque / postal order to Roseleen Mc Nally, Apt 126, Turvey Walk, The Gallery, Donabate Pay by Bank Transfer BIC: AIBKIE2D IBAN: IE30AIBK93735516500187

The Thirsty Soul

Roseleen McNally

55 Rock Road,
Co. Dublin

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Open to all levels and lineages. We will explore reiki practices through a Japanese perspective which opens the doorway to experiencing and understanding what ‘being’ reiki means.
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