Magnified Healing Phase 1

An Ancension Initiation & Heart Opening Course

Sat & Sun, 23rd & 24th March 2019 – Fully Booked (Waitlist available)

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Magnified Healing Phase 1

Heart & Ascension Initation

Sat & Sun, 23rd & 24th March 2019 – Fully Booked (Waitlist available)

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A Heart Opening Weekend

Magnified Healing Phase 1 is a wonderful fifth dimensional healing technique taught through the loving and compassionate energy of Kwan Yin.

The name says a lot about what to expect of Magnified Healing: enhanced healing. You immediately feel that you work with a tremendous force. Magnified Healing Phase 1 is a very powerful and intense form of healing that works on deep levels.

Magnified Healing opens and brings you beautifully into your heart, connects you to your higher-self, leaving you feeling whole and at peace. It helps you to clear any lower energy, brings in the ‘higher light’ and connects you with your purpose, the universe and the earth.

The healing energy comes directly from the source and is gentle and loving. Unique to Magnified Healing is that you are completely one with this energy. So you’re not just a channel where you pass the energy, you become this energy. This can be very powerful healing place, both to yourself and others who you may treat. The beauty of Magnified Healing Phase 1 lies in its simplicity, strength and loving approach.

Magnified Healing brings awareness at all levels and helps you to let go of old blockages at deeper levels, brings balance and harmony and connects with your heart, the Earth and the Divine. Magnified Healing is used for our own personal healing, distant healing, healing karma, building the Light Body, activating all the strands of DNA as well as healing the Earth.

The Gifts of Learning Magnified Healing Phase 1

When you practice Magnified Healing you embody and experience more joy, compassion, love, forgiveness and expansion in yourself and your life. You begin to live from a place where you know that each moment is a threshold to new beginnings and fresh choices.

You live life consciously rather than out of habit and pattern.

You allow yourself to shift  and change with ease – what was true a minute ago for you, may not be true in the next now moment so you don’t become rigid. You move from making decisions about your future based upon the past to being aligned to your choices. You see things as they are in the moment and let go of over analysing, controlling and labeling as right-wrong, good-bad, positive-negative.

You make Soul-guided choices.

The constant mind chatter leaves and you are able to integrate with your higher self which can bring you higher awareness, living authentically and be who we are here to be. You learn and know that there is no separation, not from the conceptual but from experience. You are one with the All and All is you.

You move from fear based decisions and living to having Love as the foundation as you release old fears, resistance and control.

You trust that you and your life are unfolding perfectly and in perfect ways, according to your Soul Plan. You know you’re never alone.

What Students say about Magnified Healing

Thank You so much for a lovely weekend, I feel my life changing already, I had the most amazing sleep and felt more alive than I have in a while. It feels like this is the beginning of a beautiful chapter in my life. I love this healing practice, aside from the immense sense of peace and love I get from it… I’m very grateful to you for your teaching and continued support.


I loved the gentle but strong and powerful touch of Magnified healing. The connection, the oneness and the mother energy that cuddled my inner child making me feel protected, supported and unconditionally loved. I can’t describe enough the sensations with words. Magnified healing is a lovely gentle energy. I love doing it every night.


The Magnified Healing weekend that was a wonderful experience, I have been using other healing methods over many years, such as Reiki, but I found the healing was indeed MAGNIFIED, it was instant. For those people that may be thinking of using other healing methods, for the people who feel drawn to it, (like I was at the time) I would say, go for it. Rosie has a lovely energy about her, she is warm, kind and understanding. Some of the meditations over the weekend were truly eye opening.


Upcoming Course

Magnified Healing Phase 1 Date: Sat & Sun, 23rd & 24th March 2019 – Fully Booked (Waitlist available)

Investment: €225 (deposit €100 secures your place)

Venue: The Thirsty Soul, 7 Carysfort Avenue (2nd Floor), Blackrock Village, Co. Dublin

Pre-requisites: None

Magnified Healing Phase 1 is an Ascension Initiation

Ascending in dimensional frequency isn’t about leaving the body – it’s precisely the opposite! It’s about being ‘in-bodied’ (embodied).

Let’s be honest leaving the body is easy, and natural for a lot of people but we’ve reached a point where we are being invited to explore that if we have a tendency to escape, leave our bodies, go to the higher realms to avoid the ‘mundane’ does this facilitate us on an individual basis as well as a collective to ascend our consciousness?

Ascension opens the way for rising to a higher level of consciousness. In order to hold this higher level of consciousness within us, we may experience the release of many different aspects of our life so we have space to anchor our highest self and integrate the gifts of our I AM Presence.

Ascension can occur in many ways – a new relationship, a new career, a new perspective or way of seeing your current world etc. As we are navigating these changes, things can seem overwhelming and you may feel disconnected from things, people and place that in the past you thought ‘were you’. You are in the space between as ascension doesn’t happen overnight.

The space in between is where we are grounding into the new – the new way of being and interacting with ourselves and the world around us. This takes time and it unique to you.

Magnified Healing Phase 1 can be used to support you integrate these shifts and changes so you can ground the ‘new’ in. It invites you to approach your healing & growth with open-hearted curiosity as you feel more into and listen to the pull of your spirit, your I AM Presence.

I remind you that you shine with the purity of a thousand suns

~ Kwan Yin


What You Will Learn

During the Magnified Healing Phase 1 course of the weekend we will be covering and experiencing:

Meditation of Empowerment

  • Acknowledgment of the ThreeFold Flame and Higher Self


  • Alignment of Spiritual Centers
  • Clearing of the Light Channel
  • Co-creating the energy of Magnified Healing
  • Connection of the Nervous System
  • Use of Sacred Names for Healing

Healing others and Self

  • Healing of others
  • Healing of self
  • Healing of Karma
  • Preparation for Ascension
  • Absent Healing
  • Healing of the Earth
  • Sacred Names for Healing


  • Flower Essence which supports and sustains our inner alignment and stability. When used in conjunction with Magnified Healing regularly, our awareness increases and we are able to cope with changes and be transformed.
  • Certification as Master-Teacher of Magnified Healing® OF THE GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE.

After an 11-day practice following your initiation, you are empowered to teach this workshop all over the world. In working with Magnified Healing®, the Magnified Healing energy flows from one hand to the other through the body of the client immediately releasing all misqualified energies and imbalances that are then sent to the Violet Fire for transmutation.

A Students Experience of Magnified Healing Phase 1

There is no better way to describe what Magnified Healing is than to experience it.

The next best thing, is to hear how others experience it.

Here’s a beautiful description from a student at Magnified Healing Phase 1 where she honestly describes what can be experienced during a healing or course – the resistance to the healing, adjusting to the vibration (5th dimension) of the energy, the tiredness from the release as well as integrating the energy & information.

She explains beautifully the gentleness and nurturing of the energy which is one of the most divine qualities of Magnified Healing, the power within the healing energy and how it ignites our own Divine Power and even though it has all those qualities it is still grounded and keeps us grounded (a gift to have when working with energy).

The things that stands out most for me is that the individual see and understands the impact of their daily self practice and how it is assisting in a gentle way to peel back layers of patterns / behaviours that no longer resonate with them yet with compassion and gentleness.

Of course, I couldn’t mention the gift of the closing ceremony which definitely has to be experienced as words do not do it justice.

I completed my Magnified Healing Phase 1 training with Roseleen one month ago, and I actually can’t believe it has only been a month, since so much has changed for me since then! The weekend itself was fun, lighthearted and beautiful.

I love the way Rosie teaches – how she makes everyone feel good and validated about the way they are experiencing the energy. Rosie is a real expert at holding the space. She responded to all of our questions with clarity, warmth, humour, love and common sense. The closing ceremony was so peaceful and touching, I will never forget it.

Initially (on the Saturday) I sometimes experienced the energy intense, as I had a bit of resistance to it. Leaving the workshop on the Saturday I was exhausted had to go straight to sleep when I got home. However, but the Sunday I seemed to have integrated it and ever since then I have experienced it as very soothing, nurturing and gentle – and at the same time EXTREMELY POWERFUL. In fact, one of the main revelations I have received as a result of working with Magnified Healing is about how powerful gentleness is . . . and that is how I now feel – still, grounded, gentle, serene and yet extremely powerful.

Something very fundamental in me has shifted and continues to shift as a result of my daily Magnified Healing Practice. What I find amazing is that even though I’m going through these major shifts in awareness, this is all happening so gently and completely without drama. There are patterns of thoughts and behaviour that I have been trying to let go of for years, but a part of me didn’t believe such changes were really possible. But now, because of the immense support and sense of safety I feel from the Magnified Energy flowing through me, I am finally stepping into my power wholeheartedly. Roseleen – thank you thank you thank you and THANK YOU!!!

The Gifts of Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin is deeply associated with Magnified Healing as the energy brings forth her qualities within us – comfort, healing, guidance, love, grace and also mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

She is the Goddess of Mercy & Compassion and a manifestation of the Divine Mother. She teaches us how to free ourselves from closing our hearts and to grow compassion for ourselves and others.

She is known as the protectress of women and children. She also directs the 7th Ray of Transmutation & Freedom which can transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of Karma. She teaches us how to heal our Karma (with Self and with others) and our emotional attachement to our Karma.

Her presence touches our hearts and invites an unfolding our the petals of our heart so we can learn to love ourselves, others and life.

OM Mani Padme Hum is her mantra which translates as ‘OM! Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus’.

…the ones who hears the cries of the world. She has the quality of listening deeply, without judgement or reacting. Kwan Yin means the one who can listen and understand the sound of the world… – Thich Naht Hanh

Magnified Healing Phase 1

Deciding to start your Magnified Healing Journey

When you have decided to start your Magnified Healing Phase 1 journey it is important that you choose a teacher that is right for you. Therefore I offer potential students a discounted Magnified Healing treatment to discuss my approach so you can decide whether this is the right step for your path. As always, having your own personal experience of Magnified Healing and experiencing for yourself, the openness it invites into us at all levels is a beautiful way to be introduced to the energy.

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Discover the beauty of Magnified Healing Phase 1 – it will be an experience that changes you and your life forever. There really is nothing quite so heart opening as the blessing gifted to your during the course.

You can pay the non-refundable deposit of €100 to secure your place via paypal on the button below.

If you wish to pay via cheque / postal order please contact Roseleen on for details.

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Magnified Healing opens and brings you beautifully into your heart, connects you to your higher-self, leaving you feeling whole and at peace. It helps you to clear any lower energy, brings in the ‘higher light’ and connects you with your purpose, the universe and the earth. When you practice Magnified Healing you embody and experience more joy, compassion, love, forgiveness and expansion in yourself and your life. You begin to live from a place where you know that each moment is a threshold to new beginnings and fresh choices.
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