Women's Circles

A gathering of women in support of one another.

Women’s Circles – Celtic Wisdom & the Divine Feminine

A women’s circle is a space to rediscover, nourish, awaken and restore the feminine spirit within. It’s an opportunity to reclaim your power and innate wisdom which can be grown as a result of women coming, sitting, listening and sharing together and also through ceremony and / or ritual.

Do you feel the call for authentic connection, deep conversations, real presence and a supportive community who walk alongside you on your journey? Do you feel a longing to experience the rites of passage that weren’t offered to us, to mark us crossing energetic and physical thresholds in our lives?

We are each at different places in our life journey, when we choose to share our stories and travel together, the companionship we offer each other is invaluable. We can learn so much from each other because we each bring our own unique experiences and energy to the group.

Let us be inspired by each others experiences. By giving way and space to our hopes, fears, laughter, dreams and tears we can strip away the anxiety, judgement, stress that we are carrying so we have space to breath, to grow and to cultivate a deep kindness towards ourselves and thereby our family and world around us.

A women’s circle provides a deep well that feeds and sustains our life force energy as women – a well of vitality and inspiration from which we can draw creativity, vision, soul practice well after the evenings have come to a close.

Women's Circle Despacho Ceremony

Let me ask you?

Would you like to connect to yourself and to other kindred souls in a safe and supportive women’s circle?

Are you curious about the significance of the moon, ceremony and ritual as we follow the natural rhythms of being a women?

Would you like to explore, celebrate and cultivate the different aspects of being a woman?

Are you in need of some ‘you time’ or need time out from the busyness of life?

Do you feel it’s time to start nurturing yourself?

Are you longing for connection and a sense of community?

We are created to be together, to collaborate, to support each other and to be a community. The coming together in a women’s circle for some fills the longing for authenticity, deep connection and the expression of our powerful yet also vulnerable selves.

The full moon is a powerful time of the month when our intuition, receptivity and sensitivity to higher energies are heightened, allowing us to weave these radiant frequencies into ourselves, our intentions and our world. The Full Moon’s energy re-charges, and it can be a time of brilliant clarity when we grow even closer to ourselves and deepen our self-understanding. Everything that takes place during a full moon reflects the accompanying reality of our intentions and points the way to realizing their power. Full moons can show us things have yet to see for ourselves.

What if we celebrated ourselves in all of our phases the way we do the moon?

My Intention

Through my own journey I have experienced a power and unfolding in women’s circle and I wish to share that with other women.

These evenings were born out of a desire to create a space for community and connection as well as honoring our feminine spirit which I feel so many women long for.

It is an opportunity to enter a space where we can leave the masks, roles and stories at the door and come into a safe, supported and experiential environment, where non-judgement and compassion for the self is practiced. It’s a place where we get to be and somehow in that being weave a new sense of aliveness within ourselves.

It’s a space to feel held, heard by others but more importantly by ourselves.

If there is a part of you that is drawn to these women’s circles but is daunted by the idea of a women’s circle / divine feminine / lunar cycles or you have preconceived ideas of what it entails, please listen to that little voice within that is yearning for re-connection with your fellow women. Contact me and I will explain the evening to you so you can feel at peace with arriving and settling into the space being created.

My suggestion is – come and dip your toe into the magic of circle and then decide if it resonates with your heart and soul.

What Happens at a Women’s Circle

Each month we come together to celebrate a different aspect of being a woman.

We open & hold a safe & confidential space including a cleanse to release any stresses & strains of the day, week or month so all sit for the time together. Following the introduction of the evenings theme, a ‘Talking Space’ is opened to voice our truth & express ourselves freely.

There is also an experiential aspect to the evening with the practise or Rite or demonstration of our theme.

To close the evening we have a sacred Fire Ceremony to release anything that no longer serves us & welcome in whatever does.

The flow of the evening will depend on the theme of that month.

It is important to know that we hold all aspects of the feminine within us i.e we don’t have to be a child to connect to our inner child, we don’t have to be a ‘crone’ to receive the crone rites etc. We hold all these ‘energetically’ and they can help us to bring healing to our lineage where these aspects of life were not acknowledged or celebrated. They can also help us prepare for these energies when we do meet them physically.

“Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats.

Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power.” – Starhawk

Our Sacred Circles include:

Rites of Passage

Journeys / Meditations

Ceremony / Ritual

Blessings & Rites of Goddess

Cleanses & Chants

Community & Connection

Kind words

I found the women’s circle evening magical. I felt very humbled and privileged to be there, among women sharing such personal experiences. As always, every session with you is so eye & heart opening for me! And I truly love it, I learn so much from them. Thank you for holding these very special events – may they continue to thrive, like the women who run them and attend them!! Kate

Being able to share with and listen to other women and their own experiences put everything into perspective. You learn more and faster, you can relate to certain stories, take example from others and open your mind when you understand that there are some many different and beautiful realities and none of them is better or worst than another. I look forward to the next women’s circle. Julia

Being part of the women’s circle was a very wholesome experience. I liked the warmth and feeling of being connected in the space. The central space ‘altar’ was truly beautiful and it felt like something very special was about to happen. I enjoyed very much the coming together and witnessing each persons fire ceremony of letting go and inviting something into their lives. Many thanks for a beautiful evening. Hannah

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